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I’m not necessarily advising the below. I will say, however, that concerned laypeople, making use of private investigators and using assumptions that almost always prove to be true, have driven even unworthy bishops from their dioceses.  The former Bishop of Miami is one example.

I’m low on time, but I am curious to know what you make of this (I do add a few comments below):

But I could not imagine what would happen when a new pastor arrived. Fr. Stan, who was in his mid-40s, was creative, an “innovator,” and he set about his “reforms” with unflagging self-confidence. His first move was to hang garish banners from high over the altar. They weren’t exactly “un-Catholic,” just unnecessary, these broad, pastel bolts of cloth with images of birds, candles, or sunflowers, and saccharine messages, likePeace, Harmony, and Sonshine. Next was the invasion of gentle Jesuit junk…

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