Rantings of an Amateur Chef

As I am writing this (and it will post much later), Ann B Davis, Alice from The Brady Bunch television series has passed away. It got me thinking of other TV maids and butlers. Here are my top 12

12) Tony from Who’s the Boss – I was never a huge fan of this show but anyone could spot that Alyssa Milano would grow up to be a big star.
11) Mr. Belvedere from Mr. Belvedere – This is another one that missed me but I know he is beloved by quite a few.
10) Mrs. Garrett from Different Strokes – Mrs. Garret was the substitute Mom of the household. She was there when needed but gone when not. A voice of caring and reason to the household. She is also one of the couple of these characters to move on to another show playing the same role (Facts…

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