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March 2015

Mar 31, Night Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week

Mar 31, Night Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week.

Mar 31, Evening Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week

Mar 31, Evening Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week.

Mar 31, Midday Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week

Mar 31, Midday Prayer for Tuesday of Holy Week.

IRS tax exemption to parents who kill child with abortion but not if stillborn

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Did you know that you can get a tax deduction for killing your own child?

H/T to my friend Ryan Bomberger over at The Radiance Foundation who tweeted this IRS list of items you can include in medical expense deductions which includes abortion:

IRS abortion deduction

The exemption is listed under the IRS Publication 502, subtitled, “What are medical expenses”

There is just one catch, according to Table 21-1. Medical and Dental Expenses Checklist the abortion must be a legal abortion.

Ironically enough, although you can claim abortion as a tax deduction, IRS Publication 501 forbids parents from claiming a stillborn child on their taxes for exemptions.

IRS STillborn Birth

So, in other words you can receive a tax deduction if you kill the child in the womb. But, if the child is stillborn – no deduction for you.

The abortion deduction has been on IRS Publication 502 since 1994.

However, the deduction dates…

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This is one for my Big Brother category but as a reblog I can not assign it. It is nice to see some states begin to realize that their Constitutional responsibilities go far beyond being rubber stamps for unelected bureaucrats. Let’s pray this is a trend.

Pope Francis Visit In Bosnia: Devout Muslim Carves Special Chair For The Holy Father : Trending News : KDramaStars

News1130 reported that the 61-year-old Salem Hajdarovac and his son Edin are both devout Muslims have been starting to work on the chair on Monday in Central Bosnian town of Zavidovici.

Salem Hajdarovac said that he did not sleep for a week when he received the news that he had been granted to carve the chair that Pope Francis will sit on his visit in Bosnia.

“It makes me extremely happy, because to make the chair for such a person is a huge and important thing,” said Edin Hajdarovac in The Associated Press according to the report of the Inquirer.

The Hajdarovac have decided to put on hold other orders to make the chair needed by June 6 when Pope Francis is scheduled to hold a Mass in Sarajevo.

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Joseph’s example of forgiveness

Walt must be spinning in his grave: Disney-ABC launches new program starring sicko Dan Savage

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Long long ago, way before any conversion I experienced, I used to occasionally read Dan Savage’s column in the local alternative weekly.  Even though I was very much a libertine at that time, I was repulsed even then by much of what he wrote. I guess even worse were the scenarios his correspondents ostensibly presented (he wrote a “Dear Abby” for the profoundly sexually troubled, but I suspect many of the stories were invented by Savage himself), as he was beyond crude and depressingly sick even then.  If anything, he has grown more deranged as the years have gone by.  For twenty years he has made no bones of his hatred for all things good and pure.  He hates religion, and especially Catholicism, with an intensity that is surely diabolical.  He constantly attacks morals and decency as the affront they are to his own lifestyle, a lifestyle so beyond the…

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Mass Readings for Tuesday of Holy Week

Mass Readings for Tuesday of Holy Week.

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